Thursday, July 29, 2010

If Follower Please read about New Group !

Okay guys i really need your help Me and my friend Lily made
a new group its about fashion accesories and just new projects on stardoll !

Beautule means Beautiful you in french :)


Please follow and comment the most recent post we are gonna try make it a success
and we are not going to be bitchy about other groups at all !
Thanks for reading please comment if you are going to follow
This blog is going to be part of it !


  1. Comment with your thoughts and if you are going to follow :)

  2. I'll Follow But Where's The Link? :]

  3. I followed.
    It seems like an interesting group! Good luck with it :D

  4. I Followed! It looks really interesting! Though could I ask what font 'Beautule' was done in if you know? Thanks, Nicole :D