Thursday, July 29, 2010

L'occitane make up is Here !

The new makeup is here its not in its store yet but you
can find it in recent items its nicer than LUXE i think but its way too expensive
and i thought there would be more ?
It it very useful make up but as i said very expensive !
Any thoughts ?


  1. I love tha blush :D
    I have to renew my ss membership first and then I am soo gonna buy it!

    And about lipsticks and eyeshadows..
    colors are okaay but I don't use them :/

  2. I Love All The Eye Shadows
    But The Blush Its Okay Not Gonna Buy
    And The Lipstick's Go Dark,Only One I Like (:

  3. I was gonna buy the eyeshadow but then i thought its a bit too expensive ?

  4. i like some of them:D
    maybe i'll buy 1 or 2. but not more!