Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Make-Up Tutorial: Casual Chic

Hey everyone! Okay, as mainekaite wished for make-up fashion tips me and Amanda decided to do Weekly Make Up Tutorials! I'll be doing them and there will be a different style/special location each week. This week I'll do a Casual but Chic make up with smoky eyes, marked cheekbones and light lips. Follow the tutorial! :D

Step 1:
Start with adding a light lipstick over the whole mouth.

Step 2:
Add a thick mascara at the end of your eyelashes only.

Step 3:
Add as much white Eye Pencil as you can inside of your eyes.

Step 4:
Then add some dark [I used brown, green or purple or some other smoky color works too!] Eye Pencil at the end of your eyes.

Step 5:
Add some eye-shadow in a similar color as the one you used in Step 4 outside of the eyes towards the spot over your ears as long as it goes.

Step 6:
Add [quite much!] white Eye-shadow inside your eyes.

Step 7:
Use a black Eye Liner at the end of your eyes as I've done above.

Step 8:
Then add some white Eye Liner inside of your eyes.

Step 9:
At last, the cheekbones! Make sure you have a lot of white blush from the "original stardoll blush"-thing and then use some dark [darker than your skin tone] under the white one, apply it in straight lines, starting at the middle of your ears and ending just above your mouth.. See the picture.

So, done! :D Voila! If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions/wishes for following WMT's, please write in comments also if you use this tutorial post a tinypic image of your new look [:



  1. Wow its awesome can't wait for next week !

  2. Very useful i love the make up you used !

  3. Wow looks great! I'm definitley going to use that on my doll!

  4. Really nice, I already use the those technics on my Medoll.

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  6. I'll definitely try that look :D
    I did something similar..