Friday, July 23, 2010

Our-Stardoll-Fshion Needs your help !

Me and Linnea are trying our best to come up with ideas to make
the blog better and easier to use !
We are running out of ideas we got a new banner we got new staff card gadgets
we hired new staff we have new comps and
we are having a poll whether to keep the music player or not.
But now i thought it would be best to let yous have a decision on what happens in
the blog so in comments if you have any ideas please leave some not any ideas
we already use or copied ideas but original ones !

We really hope we can make the the blog better and more original than
ever and with your help we can !

O-S-F Team..


  1. Please give us your ideas here !

  2. I think yous should chnage the bacgraund 'It's SUMMER' lolz :D And meybe have some more competitions or more like make up fashion tips and free stuff spoilers :D

  3. Backround we will think about it i will contact Linnea good idea.

    Competitions we already have 2 and it is expensive to have a lot of competitions we will
    work on it !

    And spoilers everyone does it its a bit boring you can find them in an other blogs

    And make up tips we might do that i will also talk to Linnea about it Thanks ! O-S-F Team..

  4. i agree about the backround !

    Maybe get more blogs to spnsor your blog so yous would get more followers ? :]

  5. Yeaah spoilers r boring :D lolz

  6. Maybe do like real life clothe comparances to stardoll clothes ?

    Or do more things related to stardoll from real life ?

  7. Keep The Music Player But
    Like Make A Post And Let Everyone Comment A Song They Wont Just One And All The Song's That Everyone In The Song Player And More Stuff Relating To Fashion Around The World (Waka Waka) Lol And..

    SUMMER :] SUMMER :] SUMMER :] SUMMER :]August Needs To Be All About Summer

  8. i think, you can change themeplate ... umm add chat?? or something like that

  9. And Do Something Like I Have No Idea What Do But Like A Fashion Week Like "Goth Fashion Week" Or Like "Gaga Fashion Week"

  10. Maybe more writers to make it more active?

  11. Graphic Tutorials?
    And you are reaching 300 followers so you could throw a party :)

  12. But it is active :D
    I think you shoulder have people sponsor you.
    You could sponsor others as well!