Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goth Themed Stardoll By Blahm3

Today i felt like doing a goth outfit i don't know why so i decided to make
a post about it i think all senses of fashion are nice either
your a goth emo couture person girly girl or whatever !
So as i am doing a goth theme today i got a picture of a goth dress which i think
is really nice for any types of styles !
Any thoughts ?


  1. I think thats a lighter side of goth not like really full on ? Very nice :]

  2. I think the outfit you made is better than the one in the picture !

  3. Ooh good recreation :)
    I don't wear "goth" style clothes, but I'd totally get that dress!! :D
    it's so cute haha

  4. love it! im not into goth stuff but its fab!

  5. Yeah prooves my point every style is nice ! you just have to find stuff you like in any style !